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Directions to St Annes Parish
Church of Saint Anne
325 Second Avenue
Garwood, NJ 07027
908-789-0280 ext 10
From Garden State Parkway (North and South)
Take Exit 137 (Roselle Park, Elizabeth, Cranford). Turn right at end of ramp onto Route 28-North Avenue. Follow the sign toward the Cranford Shopping District. Continue on North Avenue approximately 2 miles through 8 lights. Turn right onto Cedar Street (after Quick Chek store). Make the first left on to Second Avenue. Church of Saint Anne will be on your left.
From Route 22 (East and West)
Take Springfield Avenue exit (Cranford, Westfield). Continue through the light at the end of the exit to the second light at Broad Street. Turn right onto Broad Street. Continue approximately ┬Ż mile and make a left onto Gallows Hill Road which is just past Fairview Cemetery.   Continue approximately 1 mile to blinking light and turn right onto Brookside Place. Make the first left onto Cedar Street. Continue to Second Avenue. Turn right onto Second Avenue. Church of Saint Anne will be on your left.
From Route 78 West
Take Route 78 West to exit 41 (Berkeley Heights, Scotch Plains). Turn right at end of ramp onto Drift Road. Follow Drift Road to stop sign.
Make a right onto Plainfield Avenue and continue for approximately 1.8 miles to the second light (Plainfield Avenue changes to Bonnie Burn Road after the first light). Turn right at second light and follow overpass. Stay in right lane. Bear right at the end of the overpass onto Park Avenue following the signs for to Scotch Plains-Fanwood. Follow Park Avenue to the third light (approximately 1 mile) to Midway Avenue (Park Avenue changes to North Martine Avenue). Turn left onto Midway Avenue. Follow Midway Avenue approximately 3.5 miles through the town of Westfield through the sixth light (Midway Avenue changes to North Avenue).   Turn left onto Cedar Street. Make first left onto Second Avenue. Church of Saint Anne will be on your left.
From Route 78 East
Take Route 78 East to exit 41 (Berkeley Heights, Scotch Plains). Turn left at the end of the ramp onto Plainfield Avenue. Follow Route 78 West directions from Plainfield Avenue.

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